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4/4 maple lumber, maple veneer on poplar cores, Salice self-closing concealed hinges, hardglued mortise and tenon joinery, ribbed glass doors, low voltage halogen lighting, hand rubbed lacquer, adjustable shelves, stainless counter tops Hard white maple kitchen Old growth heart pine cabinet. Material was reclaimed, re milled into flooring, purchased by client to panel a room. Cabinet was constructed from the scraps and leftovers. Features low voltage halogen interior lighting, glass shelves,and beveled glass door panes. Very stable material but only 9/16 thick Old growth heart pine cabinet Dark cherry raised panel, multiple curved ends. Dark cherry kitchen Maple bookcases and mantle Maple bookcases and mantle Walnut bow front vanity with matching mirror. Walnut bow front vanity Hard white maple, flat panel in frame, concealed hinges. Curved face corner makes transition from butlers pantry to refrigerator. whitm_corner_017_15a Reproduction from the April 1912 edition of Craftsman Furniture made by Gustav Stickley at the Craftsman Workshops Eastwood, N.Y. No. 622 table rendered in solid cherry and finished with a clear hand rubbed drying oil. Photos do not do it justice. lh_dr_22_20a vj_office_Img08a_3a1.jpg vj_office_Img08a_3a1 Bookcases,  are hard white maple with cherry string inlay in a greco Celtic pattern. Pulls are proprietary -Celtic- solid wood laminations with an end grain face. mr2-self1-R6-046-21A th_kit_38620-R1-052-24Az3.jpg th_kit_38620-R1-052-24Az3 Flat panel in frame, concealed hinges, brush painted sg_kit_self1-R5-012-4Ax