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by Terry L Self
Last update 2/20/04.

The materials I use in my projects are those typically associated with traditional woodworking and construction. I am not opposed to adopting something more contemporary if it serves a particular goal or appears fit for use in the long term.

Thoughts on plywood and other 'board' products

Instability of wood

board and batten and panels in frames

egyptian veneering and plywood

stable panels

aside on 'truss uplift'

osb, flakeboard, mdf, and other composites

labor biggest expense

system construction, capital expense vs. labor expense

repairability and disposability

Materials defined
yet more text on the same train of thought

second Subheading

...wood as an agricultural product...links to agriculture and stainability conclusions or digression from content above which eventually returns to the theme or opens a third subheading or reaches a concluding subheading

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Kitchen, bookcases and mantle are hard white maple with cherry string inlay in a greco Celtic pattern. Mantle face is inlaid with an antique veneer inlay from the 1920's which the Canadian supplier claimed to have found in a French warehouse. Pulls are proprietary solid wood laminations with an end grain face of Celtic design. Maple kitchen with cherry inlay Glass topped cherry and maple legged coffee table with maple spindles done on commission. Design originated from a bad picture in a magazine ad supplied by client. Glass topped cherry & maple coffee table