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My name is Terry L. Self. I am a cabinetmaker and furniture builder. My main office and studio is at 7 South Front Street, Franklinton, NC 27525. Franklinton is 30 miles north on US1 from my previous long-term location at 1028 Hammell Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27603.....and when i get around to writing the content, i will tell the story of how all that happened..... I primarily service the Raleigh area as well as points west, south, north and east.

My goal is to use these pages as a resource for those interested in my design/build/construction services and to display examples of completed projects in the form of a digital portfolio.

This is a work in progress. Last revision 02/20/11.

My regards, Terry L Self

What I do

As the proprietor and lead artisan of a custom job shop I design, fabricate, repair, construct, finish, and refinish cabinetry, casework, furniture, and fixtures. I offer solutions to aesthetic, physical,and mechanical problems. I also dabble in residential light construction and repair, generally but not exclusively as an extension of site work preparations for installation of cabinetry, casework, and millwork.

I believe that durable consumer goods should be -durable-; not subject to a finite service life, the whims of fashion, or some other cult of disposability. I strive to do work where the design is timeless, the craftsmanship is above par, and repair, refurbishment, and reuse are possible.

My vocation includes woodworking, light metalworking, welding, finishing, mechanical repairs, and light construction. My interests include sustainable agriculture, wise development, conservation of resources and historical preservation.

Materials are generally domestic hardwood lumber and plywood, with the occasional use of engineered composites in something other than a shop fixture or jig.

Joinery is a hard glued mortise and tenon or variant.

What I do not

I do not represent a factory line or other "brand" as my own work, nor do I serve as a retail sales outlet for a wholesaler or manufacturer.

I am hesitant to suggest short term fixes or patches.

I refuse to tell a client what I think they want to hear to improve my cash flow.

Otherwise---not much--- ask me.

How I do it

Shop details- I own a 4000 square foot building in downtown Franklinton which is (quite frankly) another work in progress.

All content copyright Terry L Self unless otherwise attributed.

Hard white maple display case / butlers pantry- Central unit flanked by radiused ends. Features glass doors over serving counter illuminated by low voltage halogen fixtures. Base doors are curved and inset on each end. Pulls are a proprietary product -the doubled thumb-. 4/4 hard white maple lumber, 3/4 hard white maple veneer core plywood, concealed self-closing hinges in the central portion, concealed pivot hinges with magnetic latches on the curved end doors. Finished with a clear acrylic resin lacquer. Hard white maple breakfront Hard white maple, flat panel in frame, concealed hinges. Upholstered restaurant booth bench seats. Curved face corner makes transition from butlers pantry to refrigerator. Horizontal flipper pocket door hides microwave and coffee machine. Maple kitchen w/ curved face corner